Folklore & Colonial History

Mesoamerica has a great set of cultural events, expressed in beliefs, customs, and characteristics of each community, in every corner of its vast area practices.

Exists in everyday life a living folklore, colorful, that has been passed down from one generation to another over time; has survived and ensures the livelihood of these generations as a resistance of their own identity.

The colonial history of Mesoamerica begins with the arrival of the Spanish in the century XVI and ends with the declaration of independence in the XIX century. Therefore the colonial period spanning 300 years.

In time of the Colony the Catholic religion took significant own territories of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, changed the language, the layout of cities, cultural and artistic events and miscegenation y syncretism was initiated, that is the mixture of the Conquerors and conquered combination that defined the current character they have today all nations of Mesoamerica.

Maya Ceremony, Dos Pilas, PeténMercadofolklore

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